A wearable countermovement

Project KOVR protects you and your privacy against the threats of our information-driven environment.

We as humans are creating an enormous invisible network on top of our existing biosphere; the infosphere. This infosphere consists of networks and radiowaves. It’s our new, ever expanding environment that grows at a staggering rate. Yet we roam around unprotected with privacy sensitive data. This data might easily be tracked and misused by virtually everyone; random people, but also companies and governments. It has become impossible to control which information about us is revealed and what stays hidden. We are not in control of our own privacy anymore. And privacy is what makes us human.

Clothing has always been a method to protect ourselves against the possible threats of the biosphere, like the cold or extreme heat. Project KOVR is protecting you from the infosphere. It does so by using metalliferous fabrics that shields the computerchips in your cards, clothing and car keys; even making your phone untraceable. It blocks every incoming and outgoing signal, keeping you safe from radiowaves and radiation. Project KOVR believes in being able to choose when to be traceable. In people regaining control over their privacy and data. So when preferred, the black pockets allow you to still be reachable with your device of choice.

Stay human in an information-driven environment.

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Meet the designers

KOVR (pronounced cover) is a project of Dutch designers Marcha Schagen and Leon Baauw. The projects name comes from Esperanto, created to be an easy-to-learn, universal language. Its goal was to put aside political and cultural differences and enhance communication transparency.

Project KOVR is an ongoing project aimed at giving the individual the power to weapon itself against the unwanted tracing of everyday objects.

Marcha and Leon testing a location with model

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